Welcome to the AquaZone Water Bar

Love your water, love your body! Did you know that words like LOVE and GRATITUDE and HOPE can actually realign the molecules of water to their original and pure crystalline state? And words like FEAR and HATE and FOOL can destroy any alignment. So be careful what you say to your water! (and to yourself, and to the Earth, since you and the Earth are mostly water too!). At the AquaZone Water Bar, we’re serving up all kinds of re-aligned water -- each vessel has been labeled and spoken to with words of hope to provide you with water at its best. Come sample the delicate flavors of all different kinds of waters, from all over the globe. Try side-by-side comparisons and blind taste tests. Bring a sample of your own hometown water and see if you can discern the subtle shades of what you’re familiar AqauZone AquaDome chill spacewith from those of waters from elsewhere. See Masaru Emoto’s electron microscope photographs of water crystals before and after the water was exposed to words of hope, or fear. Open most afternoons, but self-serve water is available any time.

The AquaDome will be open any time just to chill, connect, find out more about how Hope and Fear affect your water, and to re-align!

Physical Description:

The public portion of AquaZone includes a 23 ft geodesic dome and a 10ft x 20ft canopy over the 12ft AquaZone Water Bar. The dome is made of conduit and covered with "camo"-cut plastic sheets in cool watery blues and greens that stand out in the dry playa-dusty air. It's filled with blue carpet, blue furniture, blue lights, and a sound system playing soothing music. The bar itself is a wood construction decorated with blue fabrics. Behind the bar is a display of all different kinds of water in various kinds of bottles -- some commercial, some home-bottled with labels in recycled bottles. Out front will be a solar pumped fountain, and a hand-pumped mister system will be installed over the bar to mist people sitting at it. There will be some bar stools and a few café tables and chairs for gathering. The private portion of AquaZone includes 2 Motoshades, and several cars and mini-campers under tarps attached to the Motoshades and Dome. Most of these spaces are covered with carpet. Tents, kitchen and cooler storage are under the large tarp shade structure. Gray water goes into a sink with a strainer basket and through a pipe to the gray water evaporation pond, and water from the shower is also collected in an evaporation pond.

Interactivity Description:

The bar is open most of the time, whenever someone wants to stand behind the bar (which is almost all the time). We will serve water from all over the country and the world, both commercially bottled waters and home-bottled water from our home towns and sent to us by friends. Water will be served in small glasses as a precious drink to be savored and enjoyed, much like a wine tasting. We will conduct side-by-side comparisons and blind taste tests. We encourage participants to share a sample of their own water from home and to explore the differences in taste. We will have posters with information about Masaru Emoto’s and others’ work with water showing how words, music, images, prayer and intention can align water into a more perfect molecular form, transmuting Fear into Hope. We will be giving away stickers AqauZone AquaDome chill spacethat say “Thank You Water • I Love You!” for people to put on their water bottles, containers, and faucets at home. Large water containers will be constantly filled and available for anyone to get self-serve water any time. The bar space and Dome will be public at all times as a chill space. Decorated with various water-themed fabrics and images of water crystals, it provides shade and comfort.


Since 2005

We've been a Burning Man Family since 2002 and our camp has always been somehow theme related and interactive (the Dome chill space, Parking Karma, Connect-the-dots Constellation Chalk board to name a few), but we formally started AquaZone in 2005 with our water-themed dome chill space, fountain and banner, and first registered the AquaLove Water Bar as a placed theme camp in 2006.

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